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Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club
Founded in the Spirit of Sailing
NLYC burgee

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Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club

P.O. Box 180154

Delafield WI 53018



NLYC is proud to be a "US Sailing Member"
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HomeC Fleet

2017 C Fleet  

N-0 Jim Anderson

N-3 Dick Milaeger

N-7 Tom Heinrich The Blue Oyster

N-8 Steven Anderson
N-9 Henry Chapman
N-10 Bob Schroeder Booyah

N-16 Eric Kase ESak's Back

N-19 Phil Schuman Westsu

N-20 Mike Chartre Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

N-23 Sharon Kraklow C Prize

N-24 Craig Heinze Giddy Up

N-33 Bob Ross C-Gar

N-45 Sean Nigel Black Pearl

N-71 Tim Cleary

N-113 Mathis Murphy Irish Wake

N-181 Peter Keck Lickety Split

N-222 Dave Perry Lighten Up
N-525 Jack Behrend

N-888 Nathan Anderson