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HomeParent of the Day (POD)

Parent of the Day (POD)      Guidelines & Expectations

What is a POD?  A POD is "Parent Of the Day".  A POD is required to be on duty at each opti sailing school class throughout the season.  A POD is highly instrumental to the sailing program.  It provides extra support for the instructors, helps with discipline problems, helps ensure the children's safety during the class and provides immediate feedback about the children, class and overall program.

  1. Each participant's parent or guardian is expected to give their time as the POD according to the POD assignments.
  2. If you have more than one child registered, you should expect additional assignments.
  3. If the class size is small, you should expect additional assignments.
  4. If the child's parent cannot fulfill a POD assignment on a particular day, a competent substitute needs to be your replacement. This needs to be someone you would trust to carry out these responsibilities with your own child as well as the children in the class.  Additionally, it is the POD's responsibility to notify the instructor(s) of this change in advance of the class you were assigned.
  5. The POD should report no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of class.
  6. To ensure the children know the POD's name, the instructors will introduce you at the beginning of class. 
  7. The POD should stay until all children have been dismissed by the instructors and picked up from class.  (Note:  For some classes there will be instances when a child will sail home from class or continue to sail on the lake following class dismissal. The instructor will inform you of these instances.)
  8. The POD is encouraged to bring a snack for the class the day of their assignment.  The kids look forward to them!
  9. The POD should be familiar with the location of the following:  
  • first aid kit (kitchen cabinet above sink on left)
  • medical forms (binder held by instructors)
  • emergency contact (binder held by instructors)
  10.  Daily duties of POD:
  • help set up Optis at beginning of the class
  • help take down Optis at the end of class
  • stay with the class group at all times
  • if class is on the water, be on or near pier at all times to provide on shore supervision
  • help push boats off the pier at start of class
  • help catch boats when they come to pier at end of class
  • observe and help in discipline situations and work out specifics with instructors (inappropriate behavior or language, disrespect, not following directions, disruptive behavior)
  • deal with first aid concerns and inform/contact parent if a problem occurs
  • oversee discipline problems and first aid so instructor can continue to teach class
  • take child to bathroom if the child is far from class group
  • the POD will be the land contact for instructors while they teach on water and may communicate via a hand held radio (i.e. emergency, problem, docking in order to fix something on boat, basic communication
  • assist instructor in whatever way needed to help the class run smoothly
  • help oversee things being returned to their places and encourage students to help do so